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Your air conditioning equipment is an expensive investment. Finding the right company to service or repair your system is an important consideration. So why do many people look for the cheapest price when choosing a contractor to do the work?

There are many companies for you to choose from and it would be recommended that you do not settle on price alone. Like any industry there are some who would take advantage of your lack of knowledge of air conditioning but there also are many who have high standards and would ‘do the right thing” by you, finding them is your challenge.

Choosing the best company
Look for stability, reputation and customer satisfaction. Industry association memberships and longevity. For more tips read the free report mentioned in the video.

You are most likely here because you want to buy an air conditioner, repair or service an air conditioner or are at the quoting stage and just need some ballpark figures for budgeting purposes. Whatever your interest it would be a fair assumption that you are confused and somewhat daunted by the technical aspects of the air conditioning field.

Car Air Conditioning

Where would we be without car air conditioning in Brisbane? We appreciate the cool air flowing from the vents and if it stops we appreciate it even more. Some people believe the gas needs to be topped up in a car air conditioning system but this is a fallacy, your system is sealed and should not require a regas unless there is a problem.
Tip – It is recommended that you run your air conditioner for small amounts of time in the winter months just to lubricate the seal on the compressor, if you do this small thing you are helping to keep the system sealed and alleviating any costly repairs.

Ducted Air Conditioning

With the advent of the solar power systems that are so popular these days having a ducted air conditioning system throughout the home is even more attractive than before. The costs of running your ducted air conditioning in Brisbane can run quite high as we have such uncomfortable weather in summer.
So how much does ducted air conditioning installation cost in brisbane?
This depends on the size of the air conditioner needed and the overall plan of the installation. Most homes have a zoned ducted system installed to lessen the cost of both installation and power consumption. You may also opt for an inverter system which also helps lower the running costs… especially in winter where the inverter technology excels in heating efficiency.