Air Conditioning Equipments

Air conditioning units are not all equal
Now you may or may not have already been looking at the many air conditioning units available out there but lets take a look at what to be aware of in the marketplace. Firstly you have to make a couple of basic decisions.

Do you want heating
Do you want to condition the whole house or a single room
Decide on your budget


To air condition a single room you have a few options but to simplify things you can choose between a self contained unit ( RAC ) or a split system. The RAC ( Room Air Conditioner ) can be installed in a window or through an opening in an outside wall, is the least expensive but tends to be rather noisier. A split system has two parts, an indoor and an outdoor unit. A popular type of split system unit is usually what is called a wall mounted version, these types tend to be the most cost effective due to the vast numbers of units that are manufactured and the consequent improvements in productivity and they are relatively quiet machines.

When considering this type of machine a suitable location is usually the hardest decision you have to make and that decision should also be shared by a specialist installation contractor and or a consultant who normally come around to your home to see exactly what is required to install successfully.
These types of machines are only suitable for single room air conditioning due to the limitations of air flow.

Central air conditioning systems can also be described as ducted air conditioning systems. These systems use ducting to supply conditioned air to many rooms throughout the residence. They are a split system with an indoor unit usually located in the roof space and an outdoor unit containing all the major equipment ( and noise ) located in a suitable position somewhere on the perimeter of the outside wall. Inside the residence the air can be zoned to particular rooms or groups of rooms, in doing so the cost of the installation is reduced as a larger machine ( which would be required to condition the entire home ) is unnecessary.

So having decided on a type of system you now need to choose a make and model.
It is not necessarily true that the home grown product is superior than imported products. And our advice would be to look at the machines manufactured by Japanese companies as they have long been considered to be the best quality and most reliable available.

Some manufacturers in order of recommendation are :

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Fujitsu Air Conditioning
  • Hitachi Air Conditioning
  • Carrier Air Conditioning

Other manufacturers you may hear about are :

Sanyo; Panasonic; LG Electronics; EmailAir; Toshiba; NEC; Lennox

There are many others but having listed the above there are 2 manufacturers that stand out :
Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. The Daikin brand in particular is technically superior and is highly regarded in the industry for home air conditioning. Our recommendation is based on 20 years experience in the industry. There are no endorsements and if at any time we feel the situation has changed we would not hesitate to change our recommendations.

When choosing a home air conditioning equipments installation contractor you must be aware of one important point. That whoever they are, they have a certain affiliation with certain brands. This is due to the discounts they receive for selling many numbers of that particular manufacturers units. The smaller companies also only have credit accounts with a limited number of manufacturers and so these are the brands they will quote and recommend.

My advice to you is to select 1 or 2 brands of home air conditioning equipments and obtain quotes from installation companies that specialize in that brand. That way you can be assured that they are familiar with any idiosyncrasies of the product, and if any repairs are needed they would be familiar with the product.