Air Conditioning Filters Brisbane

Air conditioning filters….Are a necessity for the ongoing successful running of your air conditioner. This is because without an air conditioning filter the indoor part of your machine will become blocked by dust particles over time.
Most people believe the filter is there to lower the dust in the conditioned area around the air conditioner, this is not so. The air conditioner filter is there solely for the purpose of protecting the indoor evaporator coil form these dust particles.
Filters should be replaced if damaged within a few weeks at most especially if the machine is being used daily or the environment is very dusty.

wall split filterThere are many types of filters and each are normally fitted to their own brand of air conditioner especially in the smaller wall mounted split systems, as they do not have a uniform size between brands. There are even differences between models in the brands and they are not interchangeable.
The modern wall mounted indoor unit comes with a fitted filter which is molded in such a way that it slots into the front of the machine and curves over the top. It is usually made from plastic and has a core of mesh which at first glance does not seem fine enough to catch the dust. This in not so as the filter is designed to use the airflow over the filter to create a small degree of static which attracts the dust particles to it. This type of filter coupled with the wide fin spacing of the indoor evaporator coil provides all the filtering necessary for the efficient running of the machine.
These filters should be checked for build up of dust depending on the usage approximately every month for constantly used machines to every season for spasmodically used units. This does depend on the environment and will become evident with use over time.

Larger systems especially the central ducted systems have filters installed in hinged core egg crate panels which are centrally located in the home or office. These filters have a solid metal frame with a washable filter media fitted in the core. This core can be replaced if necessary very cost effectively by purchasing filter media from a local supplier or by ordering some via the web which can be mailed to you.

wall split filter2To acquire an air conditioner filter for a wall mounted indoor type you would be better served to enquire with the manufacturer as to where you may find a local office that sells spare parts. The cost associated with these types of air conditioning filter are quite small.
For the larger central air conditioner ducted systems the filter also has to be checked regularly depending on the usage of the air conditioning system. This filter if not cleaned regularly could build up so much dust that the air flow cannot get through to the indoor evaporator unit. In this case the air noise coming from the filter panel should tip the owner that there is something needed to be looked at and hopefully then be cleaned. If not corrected the air conditioner will start to be effected mechanically with the flow on effect of being starved of airflow across the indoor evaporator coil. This then causes problems with the refrigeration system and so and so forth.

Air conditioning filters are arguably the most important maintenance item in an air conditioning system. If an owner keeps their filter clean then they can be assured they are doing the best they can to help the air conditioner provide performance and reliability.