Air Conditioning Rental Brisbane

An air conditioning rental is usually required by people who need short term help. For example if a person has an office where the installed air conditioner has broken down and cannot be repaired quickly then there is a need for an air conditioner rental to provide a level of comfort for the staff in the short term. Another scenario would be a person wanting to rent an air conditioner for a couple of months over summer or while convalescing.

airconditionerrental4What about special functions such as weddings under a marquee where the guests and wedding party are in their finery so keeping cool would make the day even more special. All of these reasons and many more are where the air conditioning rental market plays an important role.

The most common air conditioner rental machine is one that is portable, preferably on wheels, with low power requirements due to the likelihood of it being wired through the standard buildings power supply ie the closest power point. Longer term rentals requiring higher power loads must be wired according to local laws.

airconditionerrental5There are heavy duty machines available for hire suitable for large buildings and industrial applications such as chiller units mounted in steel framework (skid mounted) for ease of transportation and crane lift. Of course these situations are only undertaken when there is to be a long delay in repair of the buildings internal machinery or even scheduled maintenance work where the air conditioning is critical to the business such as large computer rooms. Even 1 hour of down time in these situations can cause losses of thousands of dollars to the business.

If an air conditioning rental is required in summer it is advisable to pre book a unit and submit a deposit to a rental company to ensure you will be able to acquire one during this busy season. The demand for an air conditioner rental will also put the rate up but thinking ahead and having made a prior agreement will save you dollars.

Any damage to the air conditioning rental machine would be paid for by the renter. It is advisable to check with your insurance agency on your position with damages, as you may have a policy where it is covered by the insurance agreement. Another option would be to pay a slightly higher premium to cover you for any damage that may occur.

airconditionerrentalBusinesses who use an air conditioning rental may be able to claim the rental as a tax deduction as it is required for the running of your business, your individual situation should be examined by your accountant to validate this possibility.

Whatever the reason you may need an air conditioning rental it is always wise to seek professional help in deciding which type of machine would suit your needs. Your local specialist air conditioning company will be able to advise as to the best rental businesses around town.