Air Conditioning Repairs Brisbane

Air conditioning units occasionally need an air conditioning repair and servicing. Treatment of your central air conditioner or split wall mounted system should be similar to the treatment you give your car. It requires some level of service on a monthly, bi-annually or yearly basis depending on your usage and type of equipment. Your warranty and operating instructions supplied with the installation will give you the frequency and type of work expected to ensure the machine performs in compliance with the specifications.

The service work although superficially seems unimportant is actually not so because the experienced service person will also check to make sure the machine is working to it’s optimum level. Checking the integrity and refrigerant level of the refrigeration system is very important and should only be undertaken by qualified and accredited persons.

service mechanicIf your air conditioning system has ceased to function or is not performing up to standard then you will need to seek professional help from a licensed air conditioning repairer. First place to look would be the company who installed the equipment, checking of course to see if the machine is still under warranty as the warranties given by air conditioning manufacturers are quite long, some give warranties over 5 years.

Air conditioning repairs which fall in the Brisbane peak season especially during a heat wave can take quite a while to be repaired as waiting lists over 1 to 2 weeks are not uncommon. If you have a maintenance agreement with a service company you can expect the waiting list to be reduced.

So what warning signs should you be aware of that indicate possible air conditioning repairs are needed?

  • A reduction in cooling or heating performance
  • The machine runs almost continuously even at low load conditions
  • Unusual noises coming from either the indoor or outdoor unit
  • Electrical circuit breaker tripping or fuse continually shorting
  • Lack of air flow coming from ceiling outlets
  • Warning light on control panel

If you are unfortunate to require air conditioning repairs Brisbane is not the most comfortable place to be without cool refrigerated air so you could start by contacting the closest local office of the equipment manufacturer and asking for their recommended repair companies.