Air Conditioning Service Brisbane

When you are looking for a service provider to perform service on your HVAC system, look for a company that stands behind their work. This is especially important if your compressor or condenser is being repaired. Repairs to these two things are extremely expensive, so you want to ensure that the service provider warranties their work.

Do you want to make sure your HVAC unit works for you like it should? Then have it serviced regularly.

Service CompanyThe amount of work required to service your A/C is dependent on many factors but some equipment does not require as much maintenance as others. For example, a high wall split system requires minimal maintenance such as a return air filter clean and the frequency of the cleaning depends on your usage and this can be performed by you the owner. As a guide most filters only require a clean two times a year for normal use at the beginning and mid season of summer. If it is a reverse cycle system and it is used regularly then a quarterly clean should be sufficient. Other basic servicing would be to ensure there is no refuse or leaves etc collecting around the base of the outdoor unit or there is nothing blocking the airflow on and off the outdoor fan. So keep your machine clean and you will alleviate future problems.

service air conditioningHaving said this it is important to have your unit maintained on a regular basis and you may feel it better to call a local professional to carry out the work. Any reputable technician will know exactly what you mean when you call them and ask for a maintenance service on your system. After you inform them of the type of system you own they should be able to provide a quote.

Another important point to consider is that if you have your air conditioner serviced regularly then in the peak season when the A/C companies are very busy they will give you priority for loyalty, this is no laughing matter as in summer when it is very hot that is when you want your air conditioner the most and a reasonably swift response time is what you would like, I have heard of response times for service calls during a summer heatwave to be in excess of two to three weeks.

So at least consider an annual service agreement for technicians to regularly inspect your AC unit. Schedule brief inspections for the winter to make sure nothing is obviously wrong. The most important time for an inspection and service is just before it starts getting warm. You don’t want to discover an AC breakdown when you need it the most.

Choosing a good HVAC Service company in Brisbane.

You need to find one that has a solid reputation. It’s important that it has been around for several years and is backed by a good reputation in customer service. Find one that has trained professionals and qualified technicians to help with all kinds of customer needs. They should be able to handle any HVAC job no matter how simple or complex.

For a Queensland air conditioning service Brisbane technicians are required to have at the very least a restricted electrical license and an ARCTIC license. This will ensure that you get a qualified mechanic servicing your machine. Try to hire a company or technician that specialises in your brand of air conditioner as each equipment does have it’s idiosyncratic tendencies, this will mean that any repairs or fault finding will be speedy and efficient. And we all know that trades people charge by their time on site plus parts, so less time on site = less of a bill.