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Portable Air Conditioner

Some people believe that portable air conditioner units are the answer to their particular cooling and heating needs, but in reality most people over emphasize the ability of these air-conditioning units to do the job that they want. These machines have not been around a long time in the air-conditioning industry in comparison to the units that we are familiar with but they definitely have filled a gap in the marketplace and are here to stay.

As stated portable air conditioning units definitely have a place in the marketplace as they are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of places. For example the larger capacity machines are most widely used in rooms such as in the bedroom or a moderately sized living room not greater than 20 m². This of course has to be determined by a qualified person who will judge the size of the machine needed for whatever room you will use it in mostly.

And here is the main issue with these particular air-conditioning units, their capacity. I am talking here about the refrigerated type of system and not the evaporative kind. The capacity of these machines is limited and they also need to have access to the outside due to their heat rejection needs in the cooling cycle. All this means normally is that these units need access to an outside wall or window.

The design of these machines is such that they principally need, even though temporarily, to fit a flexible tube that is used to blow heat laden air outside, normally it is placed in the gap of an open window. Other types can be classified as portable split units where a small condenser is placed outside. Another requirement on some machines is that some have a water vessel that needs to be refilled when it gets low enough.

Portable Split UnitGenerally you tend to pay more for a portable air-conditioning unit when you compare the dollars per kilowatt purchase price but this is compensated for by the portability of the machine. Split systems tend to be less expensive but when you take into account the installation costs and the permanence of the installation you can see why portable machines are so popular.

There are quite a few manufacturers building these units now but one of the best companies that really introduced the machines to the marketplace initially is a company called DeLonghi. An Italian company that produces machines that have reasonable quality and reliability, and are sold in many places globally.portable commercial A/C

Portable Air Conditioner CommercialThere are commercial portable air-conditioner units that generally get used in emergency conditions such as shopping centers where air-conditioning breakdowns occur and a temporary solution is required. These units are either owned by specialist air conditioning repair companies or are rented from specialist rental companies.

Whatever your needs, portable air conditioning units come in many shapes sizes and brands, my recommendation would be to purchase a well-made and quality product that is supported by a strong customer service department. This is definitely one of those areas where the price you pay equals the quality you receive.