Recreational Air Conditioner Brisbane

Air conditioning units for a motor home The exact structure of Recreational air conditioning units varies from one model to the next, but they all have a few instrumental components in common. RV Air Conditioning is designed to fit a full range of recreational vehicles and campers.
campervan A/C

If you get the impression that recreational vehicle air conditioning is considered a poor relative designed to work two weeks a year for twenty years so efficiency was of low importance, these days RV air conditioning is almost as important as the cooker as a major element to the enjoyment of the recreational experience.
There are a few points that are worthy of mention:

campervan2Experienced RV owners know that they must check to be sure that their RV air conditioning is in proper working condition for the summer.
Finding the right mobile home air conditioning unit may take some shopping around but a little research will go a long way to getting you the satisfactory unit.
RV air conditioning were not designed for use over extended periods of time.
It is also wise to know that air conditioning units consume a lot of power so be aware of the costings involved if you will be billed for onsite power consumption.

Mobile home air conditioning can be a great answer for you if you find that your home has become quite hot during the day. If you feel like you will be staying inside with your mobile home air conditioning unit all day then it might be time to assess your home air conditioning and what can be done to improve your living environment and its current shortcomings in terms of insulation and efficiency.

When deciding to go for a RV air conditioning system you may find yourself looking at older models or cheaper ones. Choose a newer mobile home air conditioning unit as it is less likely to overheat and can be left on for longer periods of time without any problems. Thus, in order to avoid overheating and to allow the air conditioner to remain on for longer periods of time without any problems, you may opt for a newer type mobile home air conditioning unit.

So What Maintenance is Needed For Your Recreational Air Conditioner


Make sure the coils are clean and free from debris and have free flow of air to and from the surrounding areas especially the outdoor condensing coil (the aluminum fin coil).
Check the drainage from the evaporator (the indoor aluminum fin coil) is working properly as this can prove to be quite disastrous if it leaks water inside the vehicle. Pour some water into the indoor coil drainage tray to ensure the drain is unblocked and undamaged.
Depending on the type of unit installed, if possible visually check the electrical connections (with power isolated!) and look for “hot joints” which are signs of burning on the wire insulation. If you find some suspect areas get an electrician to go over the unit thoroughly.
Give the air conditioner a run to see if it is cooling and heating properly, if it appears to be inefficient it may have a refrigerant leak, although this gas is harmless to humans it means that the A/C unit will not cool and heat so you will need an A/C expert to fix the leak and recharge the system for optimum performance.