Split Air Conditioning Brisbane

A wall mounted split air conditioning unit can be defined as a system that is constructed of an indoor unit (Evaporator) and a an outdoor unit (Condenser) that are joined by piping and electrical wiring. The indoor unit usually has minimal components such as the evaporator coil a fan and motor and a return air filter. The outdoor unit usually consists of the condenser coil and condenser fan and fan motor plus the all important refrigeration compressor, and most of the system’s control and electrical circuitry. One of the greater benefits of constructing an air conditioner in this way is that most of the noise is therefore located outside of the building which enables a quiet operational environment inside the room.

split systemThe Japanese are considered the innovators of this form of air conditioning by initially seeing the benefits years before some of the other high profile manufacturers caught on. In doing so they gained some valuable ground and improved their production facilities and quality well before their global competition began to take this market segment seriously. To this day the Japanese manufacturers of wall mounted split air conditioning are the most advanced and sell a higher quality product.

Wall Mounted Inverter Split Air Conditioning

The latest innovation that lends itself well to the wall split conditioner is with the use of inverter technology. The inverter is the process of providing the variable speed control of the refrigeration compressor. This speed variance allows capacity control that matches the thermostatic heat load in the room, ramping up the compressor speed to match the higher heat load and lowering the speed gradually when the room reaches the desired thermostat set point. Couple these variations with speed control of both the indoor and outdoor fan motors and you have an accurate and efficient system. All of this of course is managed by some fairly complex electronic wizardry.

The benefits from all of this control is a quieter air conditioner with much higher efficiency levels especially in the reverse cycle (heat pump) mode of heating. It is safe to say that reverse cycle heating is one of the most energy efficient ways to heat a home and therefore the inverter system takes this to a higher level of energy saving.

A standard wall split air conditioning system uses either a rotary or a hermetically sealed reciprocating type of refrigeration compressor. These compressors run at a set speed or RPM, basically running flat out like your car pedal pushed flat to the floor even while the air inside the room is reaching it’s desired comfort point, then it just shuts down and waits for the thermostat to click on again and off it goes again. The amperage draw each time this occurs is very high and adds to the electrical consumption, the running current is at a constant rate until the thermostat set point is reached. Whereas the inverter system slowly starts and winds up and down it’s speed and current draw is varied accordingly to requirements, even anticipating the system reaching it’s set point and preemptively cutting back the consumption the closer it gets to the thermostat set point.

Maintenance of Split Air Conditioning

repairmanFrom a maintenance point of view the wall mounted split system has minimal needs. Apart from keeping the indoor unit return air filter clean and ensuring the outdoor unit has free flowing air flow (keep plants and debris away) with no obstructions, there is nothing the building owner needs to do. You may see the outdoor unit forming ice in winter while in heating mode but this is a normal operating condition, the automatic sensing system will defrost the ice when necessary and this should not interfere with the machines ability to run normally.
Wall Split Multi Split Systems

The multi split system can be used with up to 4 or 5 indoor units coupled with a single outdoor unit. They are useful especially where there is limited outdoor space to house the outdoor unit. These systems offer further flexibility to the wall split range and also are available in cool only and reverse cycle models.

There are many brands on the market with new brands appearing it seems almost daily but no amount of warranty or cheapness of price can make you feel better on a hot day when your air conditioner breaks down. For this reason I recommend you choose your bran wisely.
In conclusion, the wall split air conditioning system is now one of the worlds most popular forms of air conditioning due to:

  • quiet operation
  • reasonable pricing
  • high performance
  • impressive efficiency (especially in heating models)
  • easy to install
  • low maintenance requirements
  • high reliability

We cannot recommend these systems highly enough, if I were to asked which brands to consider (and I have recommended these to my own family) then I would suggest you seek a quote from an authorized dealer of Daikin Industries and or Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, these 2 companies produce very good and more importantly, very reliable products. There are cheaper products on the market that purport to be competitors but we have all felt the sting of buying a cheap product that does not meet our expectations.